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Korean actress Seong Hyeon-ah having sex in Lover (2005)

Seong Hyeon-ah having sex in Lover (2005)
Sung Hyun Ah (The Scarlet Letter, Cello) her lover has never taken a dangerous risk in her life. She has been for seven years and is going to get married next month. One day she meets a handsome stranger, who asked her to spend one day with him. It might be a mistake to accept his proposal, but over the next day she will experience a level of excitement and intimacy, she has never experienced before, and this could change her life all of sudden.

The nature of liking someone vs. being truly committed in love with another person is explored in this film.

“Aein” in a way reminded me of “Great Expectations” with Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow, where Paltrow’s character kept playing mind games with Hawke’s character’s emotions, making him think “Does she love me…does she not…why does she keep going back and forth and in-and-out of my life, playing mind games, toying with my emotions, and keep torchering my soul?”

The woman in this film does the same thing to the man who is infatuated with her. The man genuinely wants to love the woman, but every time he attempts to get emotionally closer to her and get more comfortable with her, she puts up a wall, and keeps withdrawing from him. Plus, she keeps playing mind games with him. As for the moments of romantic interlude, the sex scenes are great, and have the right level of erotic charge to keep its viewers interested, as the viewers keep wondering what will ultimately happen between these 2 people.
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